*So sarcastic that people think I'm an idiot*

stuff, things, crab......
Hello I am from Denmark (kind of whatever) i am 17 and i spend too much time here on tumblr reblogging random stuff, watchin tv, reading, drawing(not good) and stuff (i use the word "stuff" alot)...... Other than that i go to school and hang out with my friends <3 Even though it might seem so, I don't actually hate all people (only most people. just kidding!! or am I??? Whatever this makes no sense!! well i make no sense!! okay I am gonna stop now)
Well this makes no sense! why did I even write this???
good bye people or aliens or whatever :) have a nice day ;)
unless you are planning to destroy the universe, then don't!!!!! WARNING!!!destruction of the universe might cause following: the universe being destroyed, death and lack of cake. (that would be bad!!!)

heateus meme: [3/6 scenes]

Last time I did this… this isn’t how I did this. The young man at the dispensary calls this “purple kush”. He says all his cancer patients love it’s “deep body stone”.

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Andy Samberg and Lena Headey on stage at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (x)

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